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Defense Of Federal Crimes In Southwestern Arizona

Have you been charged with a federal crime? Are you looking for a lawyer who has the knowledge and experience to inspire confidence and hope as you aim to protect your freedom and your future?

Defendants in Arizona often find an advocate of the caliber they are looking for when they select defense attorney Cid R. Kallen. He is ready to consult with you and devise a promising defense strategy after you have been accused or charged with any federal crime, such as:

  • Drug trafficking or any serious drug crime
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) on federal land
  • Trespassing on federal land
  • Any weapons violation, such as felon in possession of a firearm
  • Alien smuggling
  • Kidnapping across state borders
  • Bankruptcy fraud

Federal criminal charges are a serious legal matter with potentially devastating consequences, including imprisonment, costly fines, loss of rights and privileges, and a lifelong stigma and obstacles to future life objectives, such as jobs and housing. You may lose your voting rights and your right to own a gun — even after you have paid your debt to society.

Five Reasons To Hire Attorney Cid R. Kallen For Your Defense

Whatever your particular circumstances, as you seek a well-prepared defense attorney to advocate for you, consider lawyer Cid R. Kallen for these and other key reasons:

  1. His experience as a federal defender has prepared him to guide you through the criminal justice system with confidence.
  2. His dedication to achieving the best attainable outcome for every client. Close one-to-one interaction with your defense attorney can be reassuring as well as beneficial to your case.
  3. A strong track record. Many previous clients have obtained highly favorable results. No defense lawyer can promise a particular outcome, but past successes speak volumes. If he agrees to take your case, it is because he sees great potential in proposed strategies for your defense.
  4. The strategic location of Kallen Law P.L.L.C., with its close proximity to large ports of entry leading from Mexico and to the federal courthouse in Yuma.
  5. The convenience of the Yuma location for defendants in checkpoint cases, such as federal criminal charges like drug possession, drug trafficking and alien smuggling.

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"Cid Kallen is an upstanding member of our community who served our country honorably as a United States Marine." - Chad Campbell, former member of the Arizona legislature

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