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A Take-Charge Approach To Criminal Defense

Being under investigation for a felony criminal charge can be the most difficult part of any person's life. The American justice system sometimes seems out of balance, in favor of law enforcement and prosecuting attorneys and against ordinary people who are often unjustly accused of wrongdoing. For advice and help you can rely on after a criminal arrest, turn to our Arizona firm. You can count on a thorough investigation and a vigorous defense in the face of charges such as:

Crime And Punishment

There are many laws on the books about violent crimes in Arizona, intended to address rising crime rates. Only fifty years ago there were only eighty murders and about seven hundred robberies per year; today there are four hundred murders per year and over seven thousand robberies. Lawmakers have attempted to crack down on crime in order to prevent future incidents, but in many cases, the criminal justice system impedes the rights of accused citizens rather than actually solving crime. This is why it is important to contact us, Kallen Law PLLC, to help level the playing field if you have been accused of a criminal offense.

Why Use An Attorney?

All too often, people fail to take advantage of their rights. As one example, about seventy percent of people waive their rights to remain silent and agree to aggressive police interrogation tactics. Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or a full felony, quality legal counsel can make a great difference. Cid R. Kallen can guide you through the snarls of the law and processes with the goals of protecting your constitutional rights and obtaining the best outcome available to you.

What An Attorney Can Do

If you face Arizona felony charges, a knowledgeable attorney can challenge your arrest status by demonstrating that the police officers did not have probable cause to arrest you. They are able to get you released on a lesser bail cost. In the event of a violent felony charge, such as weapons charges or auto theft, your lawyer can negotiate a plea bargain with the state prosecuting attorneys in order to minimize the sentence. Attorneys at Kallen Law P.L.L.C. will be able to help you understand what the best decision is for your case.

The Stages Of A Criminal Sentencing

The earlier you decide to retain the services of an Arizona criminal defense attorney, the more likely your case will end up with a favorable judgment. You can contact the offices of Kallen Law P.L.L.C. by calling 928-783-8879 or through the free initial phone consultation request form. In this consultation, an attorney with our firm can give you their judgment on the merits of your case and what you can expect if you choose to retain an attorney from our offices. As soon as you have been arrested (you can be arrested without being charged with a crime) it is important to have an attorney present.

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